What is Jabuti?

Jabuti is a system to make the synthesis of Asynchronous Communication Mechanisms.

In a more precisely way, Jabuti is a program that takes as input a description of a system composed by a number of process and communication channels and makes the composition of all process in order to obtain a uniq process that preserves the properties of the policy that should be implemented by the communication channels.

Ahhhh, Jabuti is the name used in Brasil for a king of turtle very common in the entyre country.

Download it

Download last version of Jabuti.

See the ChangeLog file to know what's new in the current version.

How to compile and install it?

First of all download the current version, and after this follow these steps:

Untar the file with the source code and enter into its directory.

$ tar zxvf jabuti-0.4.2

$ cd jabuti-0.4.2

Compile it.

$ ./configure

$ make

And install it.

$ make install

How to run it?

The syntax of Jabuti is:

usage: jabuti command arguments


--help shows this message}}}

--version shows version number}}}

--rrbb n generates a RRBB ACM with n cells

--owbb n generates a OWBB ACM with n cells

--owrrbb n generates a OWRRBB ACM with n cells

For example, to generate a 4 cells OWBB ACM, execute the command: $ jabuti --owbb 4 > output_file

Software details

    • Environment: Linux

    • License: The source code is available to consult. However, it is copyrighted to Kyller Costa Gorgônio and UPC. For more details, see the LICENSE file

    • Language: English

    • Programming language: C++

Jabuti documentation files

    • Documentation extracted with Doxygen (javadoc style)

    • README file

    • ChangeLog file